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NEW CU products - cute set of flowers !!!

Hi everyone !!! :-)
My new CU stuff are ready - set of flowers.
You can find it in my shops - DSH, DDR and SDD.

This set contents 10 elements all in .PNG format.
- 10 differents type of flowers
Elements are created at 300 dpi.Hight quality.Photographed and extracted by me.
These products can be used for CU,PU,S4H and S4O.
Have FUN !!!
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Hugs desytka :-)))



New CU stuff !!!! Designers Inspiration 24 (PU/CU/S4H)

Hi everyone !!! My new CU Designers Inspiration 24 (PU/CU/S4H)is on the store.For the start is on DDR but soon in SDD and CU HILL. This set contents 12 elements all in .PNG format.Funny and charming wooden clips. - 3 different type fishes - snapper - dragonfly - hedgehog Elements are created at 300 dpi.Hight quality.Photographed and extracted by me. These products can be used for CU,PU,S4H and S4O. Have FUN using my products !!! Hugs desytka !!!


The winners !!!

Hi everyone !!! My little contest is finish and now it`t time for fifts !!! LOL Girls plese contact with me Stacey from my blog here and Karen from the FB page. My email is desytka@abv.bg Waiting you girls !!! Hugs !!!


New kit, new store and SALE and coupon code !!!

Hi everyone !!! :-))) I have a new home at Scrappity-Doo-Dah and I am very happy for that!!! From September 7 to 14 I will have Opening Sale with 35% OFF + grab coupon code desytka_opensale with 10% more OFF Also I am happy to show you my brand new kit: "Timeless" The kit included: - 9 papers - 61 elements Element are in beautiful soft girls colors pink,white and brown. S4H friendly !!! Please not for sharing !!! Have fun while scrapping !!! Hugs desytka :-)))


Little contest ,little gift,little free !!!

Hi everyone !!! I have a little contest for you ;-)... soon I will have new store for my designs LOL and I am very happy forthat reason.My challenge for you is where will be my new shop.Every from you that whant to play just post little answer here or in my FB fan page.There is no limit the number of responses and suggestions.Those who suggest, where will open will receive a gift from me - one kit optional.If I have more than one winner, will choose the first three right answers.Please feel free to post your suggestions :-))) Hmmm not to do it hard will give you little joker - sneak peek from my new kit, there is little hint. P.S.If no have right answers, no worries .... I will give reward for participating on the first who post answer in my blog. Have fun !!! Hugs desytka !!!


Home is where Heart is !!! with birthday sale !!!

Hi all !!! "Home is where Heart is" is my new kit but I start making him one year ago.This kit is for family time, our memories,home and etc. Now you may to buy at DDR and SAVE with our BIRTHDAY SALE !!!! This kit included: - 72 elements,some elements are recolored - 9 papers - 12 word arts Separately you may to buy: - 4 .png Quick pages - 4 .png clusters S4H friendly !!! Please not for sharing !!! Have a FUN using my products !!! Hugs desytka !!!


New CU store and sale !!!

Hi all my friends, I have a good news for you.I have a new CU store CU Hill. For now i have some of my stuff there but soon will be more.Also I have a opening sale with 30% OFF. Designers inspiration 05 (PU/CU/S4H) by Desytka Designs Designers Inspiration 07 (PU/CU/S4H) by Desytka Designs Designers inspiration 08 (PU/CU/S4H) by Desytka Designs Designers inspiration 09 (PU/CU/S4H) by Desytka Designs Hugs desytka !!!



Little Kids World (PU/S4H) by Desytka Designs with 25% OFF for the first days !!!

Hi everyone !!!:-))) My new kit "Little kids world" is here now with 25% OFF for the first days at Digidesignresort.com !!! The kit is for every kid boy and girl with bright colors - greenq ,blue, yellow and etc.The BUNDLE are includes: - 10 beautiful papers - 67 elements - elements are computer drawn - 4 ready to use clusters - quick pages-4.png files(page)creating in 3600/3600 px. at 300 dpi You can find separated sets like only papers,clusters,quick pages but if you want to SAVE just do it with the BUNDLE. Do not miss on 10th July my gift for you with this cute kit at my DDR store !!! Have fun !!! Hugs desytka !!!


Easter Sale

Hi everyone !!! I wish you happy Easter time.Warm and heartfelt Easter blessings for your loved ones.
For Easter I have 35% SALE at my DDD store from 08.04.2012 to 23.04.2012.Also in my DDR store I have EASTER SALE, Nearly everything 30% off until Monday, 9th (Midnight EST - European Time please plan your shopping carefully) Hugs desytka !!! I wish you happy time !!!


Between you and me - new kit from me !!!

Hi all !!! My new kit is here and I wold you like to show you.Some green,pink and blue colors.Hope you like it.For now at DDD wit 25% save.
and papers
Thanks for looking !!! Have fun using my products !!! Hugs desytka !!!


Little Gingerbread House at A5D

Hi everybody !!! The new great collab for January at After Five Designs.Mixologists have come together to create a gorgeous kit which suggests the coziness of winter days. "Little Gingerbread House"
It includes: - over 14o elements in total (some of them have shadowed versions included, while others have recolored versions included as well) - 37 papers - an alpha (uppercase, lowercase and some symbols) Participating designers are: River Rose Designs, The Hidden Heart, Boutique Cute Doll, et designs, Kay Miller Designs, New Life Dreams Designs, Red Ivy Designs, Pavlinka Designs, K Studio. Photo by me. Hugs desytka.


Happy new year and new kit !!!

Hi my friends I hope all of you is well.I wish you happy new year,more smiles and fun. I made my new kit "Beauty frost" with winter feeling.Now is on DDD shop with Winter sale.Soon,after few days will be at DDR too.
This kit included: - 9 paper - 81 elements/some elements are re-colored or a different view with shadow/.The most elements are hand painted. - 4 wordart papers
and clusters
Hugs desytka :-))) Have fun using my stuff.Hugs desytka.