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"In the garden" kit by Claudi Designs

Hi all !!!I am a CT on Claudi Designs.I am very happy for that.
This is my first page using her kit.

and this is the preview

"In the garden" kit by Claudi Designs.Available HERE and HERE.
This is my daughter Ema.Photo by me.Font is Liana.
TFL :-))) Have a FUN !!!


"Sea Sprite" Complete Kit by SherrieJD

Hi all !!!
My daughter Ema loved the mermaids.
All is from NEW "Sea Sprite" Complete Kit by SherrieJD available HERE except the water drops/SheDevilsRFellem26/ and cloud/SheDevilsRFellem21/.The elements are from"Romantic Fantasy" kit by SheDevil`s Designs available HERE.
TFL ;-)))
The preview

and my page

Have a FUN !!!


"Spring Sprites" ,"Spring Sprites ToadStooly" by SherrieJD

Little world
Children have their own little world and he is such a wonderful place.This is my DD daughter Dea.

Credits: All is from different kits by sherrieJD.
"Mary Mary - The Entire Garden" ,"Call Thee Mine" a collab with Tangie Baxter@Scrapbookgraphics.com ,"Spring Sprites" ,"Spring Sprites ToadStooly" and flowers and grass is a surprise freebies by sherrieJD *soon*.
Photo by me.
TFL :-)))
Here the previews of the NEW
"Spring Sprites ToadStooly"

"Spring Sprites"

"Mary Mary - The Entire Garden",

"Call Thee Mine"

Have a FUN !!!

"Cuddlies" kit by Mystique Design

"Cuddlies" kit by Mystique Design.Available in SFC .
The preview

and my page

This is bigger daughter Ema.
"Cuddlies" kit by Mystique Design
Photo masks-vol.1 by Palvinka desing.
Photo by me.
Have a FUN !!!


"Morning Kiss" kit by Gisela B.

*** NEW***NEW***NEW***
Wonderful "Morning Kiss" kit by Gisela B.Available HERE .
The preview

and my page whit this kit.This is my DD daughter Dea.Photo by me.

TFL :-)))
Have a FUN !!!


" Dragon Ascendancy" by Creative Victorian Designs

Hy everyone !!!
Creative Victorian Designs made a NEW beautiful and funny kit " Dragon Ascendancy".You see it HERE.
The preview

You can grab the Dragon Ascendancy Kit Collection so you have extra papers, frames, and the alpha.

And I made a RAK for my friend Nana and her son Ivo.
Dragon tile - the ice

TFL :-)))
Have a FUN !!!


"Sweet Dreams" by Miranda Scrap Design

Hi everyone !!!
Do you know that Miranda Scrap Design made a NEW kit "Sweet Dreams".Available HERE and HERE.
The preview

My first LO using it

This is me and my DD daughter when she`s born.
All is from new kit "Sweet Dreams" by Miranda Scrap Design.
TFL :-)))
Have a FUN !!!

"Child's Imagination" by SheDevil`s Designs

Hi everyone !!!
SheDevil`s Designs have a NEW kit "Child's Imagination".
Here the preview

and my page

TFL :-)))
Have a FUN !!!


Little Little Land by Chriscrap

The *NEW* kit "Little Little Land " by Chriscrap.Available HERE .
On the first page this is my bigger daughter Ema

and this is my DD daughter Dea in her Littlie little land :-)))

Photos by me.TFL :-)))
Have a FUN !!!

just a game ... Creative Victorian Designs

This is my bigger daughter Ema and she likes to playing and laugh very much like every child.

Credits: All is from "Seaside Wedding" kit by Creative Victorian Designs except cvd byginn paper frame and cvd byginn paper 4 they are from "Bygone Innocence" kit by CVD.The frame is from "Frame Up 7".
Photo by me.
TFL :-)))


"Royalty" by SherrieJD

I`ts time to lunch !!!
"Royalty" Complete Kit, Kitschy Kitchen,Cordial Thanks,Green With Envy,Studio Remnants collab between sherrieJD and Tangie Baxter.

and second page

"Royalty" - Complete Kit by sherrieJD available HERE.
The preview of the "Royalty" - Complete Kit

TFL :-)))

Mystique Designs Little Wonders Quick Pages

HERE is a QP with "Little Wonders" kit by Mystique Designs.

And here is a page made with QP set.This page made by Brydka.

RAK for elfe

And here is Brydka best friend Katie and Bridka son little Aleksander !!!

"Sweet Candy" by Mystique Designs

"Sweet Candy" by Mystique Designs available from today in sunflowerscrap!!!
The preview.

Here my page with this kit and this is a RAK from babelek.I hope you like it !!!

In Mystique Designs BLOG have a beautiful freebie.

TFL :-)))


"Bygone Innocence" by Creative Victorian Designs.

Here is the beautiful kit "Bygone Innocence" by Creative Victorian Designs.I am so happy to be a guest in her CT because she made such a wonderful kits and I work with them so easy !!!Tanks for this beautiful !!!
The preview

and my page

Photo by me.
Have a FUN !!!


Friends Award

This wonderful award "Let's be friend",I have been awarded the love Aurelia get.

Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!
Thank you so much sweetie!!!

What the "Let's Be Friends" awards is:

These blogs are especially wonderful.
This amiable blogger friends want to find his.
They are not interested in self-glorification.
Our hope is that when the tape of that price is passed,
more friendships, and also to continue planting.
Please, give these bloggers more attention.
About these empires Blogger Award at eight,
the eight bloggers and select the text in its Award
- mail with record.

I nominate:
Creative Victorian Designs
SheDevil`s Designs
Mystique Designs
I find this idea very nicely to do with it!
Regards desytka

Romantic fantasy by SheDevil`s Designs

The new kit "Romantic Fantasy" by SheDevil`s Designs.Avaibale HERE.
This is the preview

and this is my page using it !!!

And in the STORE she have a some more wonderful products:
"Love Songs quots Word Art"

"Blooming Alpha"

and "Romantic Fantasy" QP set.

Have a FUN !!!


SherrieJD in Scrap Orchard

"Teal Time"collab by sherrieJD and Tangie Baxter,"Altered States" ,"Winged Things","Shew Fly Shew".
Photo by me.
TFL ;-)))
the preview

and my page

and one ATC all is from "Teal Time" {ATC Collection.Available HERE and HERE.

Have a FUN !!!

"Yippee-Ki-Yay" ... sherrieJD

All is from new collab "Yippee-Ki-Yay" The Collection made by dynamic duo sherrieJD and Tangie Baxer.Avaibale HERE and HERE.
Photo by NinaNik from photo-forum.net
TFL -)))
the preview

my page

Have a FUN !!!

"Little wonders" by Mystique designs

From 09.03.2009 on the store Mystique designs made a wonderful NEW kit "Little wonders".
Long, long time ago in a land far, far away there stood a hillside cottage and in it little wonders lived.

The main theme of this kit are fairy tales - the elements invoke the idea of a little house straight out of the pages of a children's story and will enable you to create a fable with your loved ones as its heroes.
Little Wonders contains:
92 high quality elements (300 dpi) including 3 lovely wordarts
12 unique papers (3600x3600, 300 dpi)

And I made a page using it !!!

Have a fun !!!