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"Golden days of Fall" collab from desytka Designs and Damayanti Studio

Hi everyone !!!!
WOWO I am so happy because I and Ivelina aka Damayanti Studio made a collab and I think that is fantastic because she creating so wonderful stuff !!!
Do you like the Autumn colors, realistic elements and hand painting elements.This kit is for you :-)))
The kit included: 12 textured paper,54 elements/16 hand painting elements and 38 realistic elements/.
Our new kit is available ONLY at Dreamland Digital Designs !!!
This is the preview:

and this is some pages for inspirations from my and Iv creative girls team.

by Sashinamama

by Diaantje78

by Monika7810

by Goldi

by zojinka

by b_stepien

by julova

by Babsy

by manet

by Goldi

by ania_725

by Sally78

by ania_725

by JanettD.

by Scrappie Irene

by Sally78

by Anika

by his

by Anika

by Britt

by elenapetrowa

by his

by Tami

by b_stepien

by Violet

by Mullemaus

by Sanka

by Anechka

by hana033

by ma cherie

by Albina

by Jarkab1

by Veternica

by semianka
This is such a wonderful pages girls and I wants to thank you !!!
Have a FUN using this product !!!
Iv and Des !!!

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