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***WINNERS*** from challenge 15.07-31.07 Desytka Designs

Hi folks !!!
Girls first of all I want to thanks to all of you for this participation in my challenge at DDD.

All of you made so great pages with this freebie and I appreciated it.
The first place is for trisa. She win 10 Euro to my store.

The second is for Martina77. She win 7 Euro to my store.

and third is for ButterflyCreations. She win 4 Euro to my store.

Butttttttttttttttt not is all ...
I made a coupon code for all that participated in my challenge-this is my THANKS to all of you girls !!!
If you some of you have some questions or something else,this is my email desytka@abv.bg.Please contact with me.
Hugs desytka and have a fun !!!

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