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"Cozy November" new kit+little freebie by desytka Designs

"November comes
and November goes,
with the last red berries
and the first white snows."
This is inspire me to creating my new kit "Cozy November" at DDR and DDD.Now with 20% OFF.

and papers

A long time I did not page but with this kit I made one with my daughter Ema - hope you like it !!!

And now I want to see what made girls from my CT!!! Thanks you ladies - you are so great !!!

by AnikA

by Deep

by godena

by Hekas

by Leila_Ingmar

by Nona

by Sisa0309

by widie

by zaza09
hohoohhhooooo girls you are so great - thanks for your hard work !!!
A long time I did not made a freebie but now i prepare one CU element.

You may to ***DOLNLOAD HERE ***
If you like it I love to see your comments.
Thanks and hugs !!!
desytka !!!

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EAL Designs2 каза...

Love the kit, and the CU freebie, thank you so very much, your products are awesome

Lydia каза...

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